Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream in 3 Minutes!

I just made the most delicious, creamiest ice cream ever, in 3 minutes, with only one ingredient:  frozen bananas.  Want to see for yourself how good and easy it is?

Here is what you do.   When you have bananas that are getting a little ripe and you know they won't get eaten, just peel them, break them in chunks, put them in freezer bags and freeze them.  Then when you want a healthy, creamy, cold treat you are all set for instant gratification.

Just put your frozen bananas, approximately 1-2 per person, in the blender.  Add a little liquid if you like.   I like coconut milk or almond milk.  Blend until it forms ice cream.  I have a Vita-Mix and you have to push the bananas down into the blades for a few seconds.  It doesn't take long so check your results.  It comes out like a beautiful soft serve custard-like ice cream.   I haven't made it in a regular blender, but I think it would work, just be sure to stop the blender to push the bananas down, then restart, until you get the right consistency.  A food processor would also work I'm sure.

Of course you can add whatever you want also.  I have tried walnuts, dark chocolate, and vanilla so far.  Try what sounds good to you, but truly, just bananas by themselves is extremely tasty.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Wouldn't you love to serve your kids or grandkids a wholesome treat that they will love!

Thanks to my fellow IIN students for this idea.

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  1. Great idea, Carrie! I'm going to try this one as I have a secret need at times for something cold and creamy. I remember Dr. Oz had this recipe on his program awhile ago and I had forgotten about it. Thanks for sharing.