Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

Mercury fillings are a dangerous neuro-toxin that should never be used in anyone’s mouth. I do not understand why our medical system continues to allow and endorse the use of this horribly toxic substance, and in our teeth of all places, next to our brains! Sadly, it is about corporate profit as so many things are.

I have my own personal experience of mercury poisoning from fillings. A few years ago, I was becoming quite ill, ultimately realizing that I was feeling Iike I was being poisoned. Having been a healthy person my whole life, eating well, exercising, and always studying health and nutrition, I knew something else was seriously affecting me. I researched this on my own, and was led to much information on the dangers of mercury fillings. When I found this video on You Tube, it was the evidence I needed to commit to getting all my 30-year-old silver fillings removed. There was no biological dentist in my area, but I ask my dentist if he would learn the protocol to safely remove them, and to his credit he did learn and he did a good job, even though he had previously told me not to worry about them.

I want to spread the word so that others who may be unknowingly suffering from mercury poisoning, can become informed. At the time I was doing my research, I didn’t know about Dr. Mercola but I now know he is vehemently opposed to mercury fillings and has great information on his site. I recommend you check it out if you or anyone you know has these dangerous fillings. His link is at the bottom of this post. You also need to know that mercury is still included in many vaccines that are injected into our precious children. It is called thimerosal or brand name Merthiolate. Ask your doctor if they are in vaccines you are giving your child. No amount of mercury is safe injected into a small child, in the opinion of many, including myself. You have the choice in these matters!

What can we do to stop mercury from being used in humans, and especially our children?

First I recommend you watch this short and powerful video and you will see the vapors that are emitted constantly from silver fillings, and how this mercury lodges throughout the body, and especially in vital organs.

Second, if you are of a mind to want to put an end to the use of this poison, you can help by writing a letter. This is Dr. Merola’s recommendation: “Please write the FDA Director of the Division of Dental Devices, Anthony Watson, at:

Tell Mr. Watson of the FDA:

• Since the FDA’s own panel of scientists advises that amalgam should “definitely not” be implanted in children, pregnant women, and hypersensitive people, how soon will you take action to protect these vulnerable populations from this toxin?
• Since the FDA has a duty to tell consumers that amalgam contains mercury that can damage the neurological systems of unborn babies, children, and hypersensitive populations, when does FDA intend to clearly state this warning on its consumer website and in consumer labeling?
• Since Commissioner Hamburg claims FDA is committed to transparency, how does FDA plan to keep the public updated on its progress with regard to the amalgam issue?

Don't sit this one out. With your help we can get the FDA to finally admit to the public what scientists have known for a long time – mercury fillings are a public health and an environmental hazard, and should not ever be allowed in the bodies of pregnant women or in children!

The time to act is now!

Together we can make a lasting change and help protect pregnant women and children, along with the health of our next generation.”

The full article and others can be found here:
The Smoking Time Bomb Sitting Next to Your Brain - Has Its Moment Finally Arrived?

If you want to talk with me about my experiences, post a message on this blog or through my website. I will get back with you. Thanks for your support in spreading the word.

If you want to learn more, read the full article here:

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