Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thinking Spring?

Then think detox and take advantage of this time of year to be in harmony with nature and give your body a little “spring cleaning”. Whether you want to drop a few pounds, give your liver and other organs a boost, enhance your immune system, or just feel and look healthier, this is the perfect time to find a detox you can embrace. But don’t think you have to go on a fasting diet to benefit. Here are some simple ways to incorporate spring detoxing into your life.

Lemon Water
Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of room-temperature water first thing in the morning, about a half hour before coffee or food. Doing this for a few weeks will help balance your body’s cells.

Eat your Greens

Greens are nature’s way of clearing the body of the heavy foods of winter and making way for a lighter you for warmer spring weather. Add lots of springs greens to your diet and you will naturally detox. A great way to get in more greens is to start adding them to a smoothie for breakfast or lunch. Berries are also part of springs natural detox foods, and perfect in your smoothie or for a snack.

Liver-Cleansing Vegetable Cocktail
In a juicer, juice two or three carrots, one large beet, and one apple, add some spirulina powder and one glass of pure water, mix well, and enjoy.

Cut Back or Eliminate Refined Foods

If you haven’t already, you might want to experiment with eliminating white flour and sugar. Of course, that means eliminating most all fast foods and packaged foods in your grocery store. They are highly refined and mostly filled with HFCS, white flour, additives, preservatives, and various other unnatural components. Try it for two weeks and see how you feel. If you won’t know what to eat during that time, well you might want to sign up for a Free Health Consultation on my website and see how I can get you hooked on whole foods! Also, if you'd like a more comprehensive detox plan, or you have specific health needs, check with me on a detox plan custom made for you.

Happy Spring To All!

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