Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eating for Energy, Part 1 - 5 Tips to Eating for Sustained Energy

5 Tips to Eating for Sustained Energy

Would you like to have enough energy to get through the holidays in style?  Well I have some tips for you that are so easy to implement and just take a tiny bit of pre-planning.  I know when I share these tips with my clients, after the first week they definitely feel a change in their energy level and the added benefit a better mood.  Now who doesn't want that?  So lets get started!  

To minimize spikes and crashes in energy level, you want to make sure your nutritional intake supports a sustained flow of energy by limiting fluctuation in blood sugar level. An even blood sugar level can also help you improve your focus and concentration, and help you prevent mood swings caused by hypoglycemia.

Here are 5 tips to use nutrition to support a sustained flow of energy:
1. Eat meals with a low glycemic load – combine whole grains and vegetables (high fiber foods) with a moderate amount of good fats and lean protein.
2. Eat foods rich in B vitamins, such as whole grains and nutritional yeast.
3. Eat just the right amount and type of protein for your body – keep a food journal to see how much protein works best for you.
4. Stay hydrated – dehydration often causes fatigue and headache.
5. Avoid caffeine, which worsen blood sugar fluctuation.

So there you have 5 simple tips to keep your blood sugar balanced and your energy flowing.  Be sure and have a small snack mid-afternoon because that is the time of day our energy and blood sugar natually drop.  A few raw almonds are a great snack for that time of day and will help keep you from grabbing a sugary snack.

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